Our Practitioners

Jenna is a Level II Fascial Stretch Therapist. She obtained her certification through the Stretch To Win Institute in Chandler Arizona.

After experiencing FST (Fascial Stretch Therapy) first hand, Jenna recognized the benefits it would provide her clients by adding FST to their current Pilates regimen.

“FST has changed the way I think about how the body responds to stretching. Through gentle yet effective movements you will be amazed how good you feel after a FST session.”

Here’s what a few of Jenna’s clients have to say:

“Stretching with Jenna has given my body much more freedom to move in whatever activity I’m pursuing. Specifically, my tennis game has seen improvement as my range of motion has increased. I would highly recommend Jenna’s FST sessions.” – Bev

“As someone who regularly lifts weights, my weekly FST sessions with Jenna are imperative to keeping my muscles loose and lean. I’m much less injury prone than before I started the stretching and I feel more confident in my workouts.” – Matt

“My stretches with Jenna have kept me moving after many joint replacements. The literal “hands on” approach with FST is extremely medicinal for my body.” – Karen

After 17 years of coaching high school volleyball, Karri wanted to take her desire to help others better themselves both mentally and physically to another level. She became certified in Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) through the Stretch To Win Institute in Chandler Arizona as a way to do so.

“I love knowing I can help people reach their athletic and fitness goals, or even something as simple as just reaching their toes!”

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